Discover Your Life Plan

Our Approach


A Life Strategy Session that culminates in a Life Plan.

At Discover Your Life Plan, we help you discover and connect more deeply with who you truly are so that you are able to be focused on your unique contribution throughout all of life’s seasons and in all its domains. The resulting focus and clarity of a Life Strategy Session leads to greater motivation and efficiency - to pursue your own plans and life calling.

Under expert guidance over several days, you are invited into a strategic process through a confidential conversation. We come with the process - you are the content. During the Life Strategy Session, our entire focus is on you. Our conversation together is structured through a flow that helps you gain insight and develop a comprehensive vantage point from which you can make a plan. Together, you discover the truth about your unique identity and wiring, where your own journey has taken you, and about your future direction. The resulting Life Plan is customized to you and your needs.

Bottom line: the entire process uncovers who you are, helps you to know and be confident about your individual purpose, and launches you to activate it in a coherent, comprehensive plan. 

Some of our foundational principles include:

clarity First

Having guided hundreds of individuals through this process, we are convinced that “the truth sets you free." With this in mind, we spend about 70% of our time together getting into perspective. We discover the truth of who you are before we co-create any action plans to move forward. Beginning with clarity ensures that your Life Plan is grounded in reality. The resulting vision for your own future is not merely compelling, but also attainable.

Integrate the Whole person

At the core of all that we do as Life Plan Guides is our belief that each of us is a holistic person who, if we show up integrated throughout all of life, can courageously and boldly move into achieving amazing feats. We each have a deep need to understand who we truly are - including what makes us most fully come alive and what causes us to get stuck - so that we can live out the fullness of who we are throughout all areas of our one amazing life: the personal (including the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions), family, career, and in community with others.

Launch a System, Not an event

While the Life Strategy Session is a multi day strategic pause to reflect and capture the essence of who you are and then to put a plan around that to move you towards your vision, it is also designed as a system to enable you to focus and manage your life going forward. Your investment in the process will reap dividends throughout your future as you intentionally activate your plan. The Life Plan not only enables you to make significant changes for today, but it is also designed to guide key life decisions for decades to come.

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Life Plan Options



Over the course of a two consecutive days with a female Life Plan Guide, you will discover your unique talents, values, vision and specific action steps that will move you intentionally forward into the life you’re meant to live fully alive.



The two day Life Plan process is designed to help men who are in a season of change, transition, or growth to discover and to wrestle with their identity, purpose and life direction with the help of your Guide, culminating into an actionable plan.



Individuals often experience so much benefit to the two day Life Plan and then wish their spouse could join - this is for the two of you! In a three day intensive, discover your individual uniqueness and combined focus to move forward together in life.


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