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About Us


We are Life Strategy Guides.

We are a small boutique firm of specialized guides based in Colorado who enjoy coming alongside others to facilitate the discovery of truth and the creation of customized plans that strategically launch others forward to pursue their life’s purpose. Having facilitated Life Strategy sessions for over a decade, we have been entrusted to guide over 500 individuals and couples just like you through a proven process that is holistic and comprehensive. As lead trainers in the Paterson Life Planning process, we have further developed hundreds of other guides. We are equally passionate about our continued growth. We desire to be masters at our craft. It is an honor to come alongside each and every client to guide them towards clarity, alignment, and momentum.


Our Team

Laura Brasov Small Head Shot Nov 2017.jpeg

Laura brasov

After graduating from USC with her BA and later with her MA from Talbot, Laura became the #1 global sales rep in a Fortune 500 company and a highly successful manager of sales teams. After battling - and beating! - cancer, she and her family moved to beautiful Colorado where she deliberately pivoted careers. As an experienced guide in this process, Laura has strategically facilitated clients to discover their specific life calling and to engage their giftedness in pursuit of that vision.

When she is not facilitating, you can find Laura pursuing her other passions: leading an intensive two year leadership course, beating women half her age in volleyball, or adventuring into nature and the unknown alongside her Romanian husband and 3 active boys. 

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adiel brasov

After graduating from USC, Adiel’s professional journey included studying and teaching philosophy, commercial real estate, wealth management, creating and leading training programs, obtaining his MBA from the University of Colorado, and guiding organizations through strategic planning processes. In all of those endeavors, Adiel developed his giftedness to engage others deeply and guide them towards wrestling with core questions about the meaning and purpose of their own lives and reality. 

In his spare time, Adiel enjoys learning about anything and everything, a good cold beer - preferably around a fire with great conversation and much laughter! - and traveling near (hiking in Colorado) and far (exploring different cultures) with his family.